First day with my new blog!!


Woo Hoo!  So exciting.

It’s a sunny brisk day here, and I’m inside blogging away instead of being outside where I should be.  That’s okay though, I’m sure that there is lots more brisk air to come.

A little about myself:

I’m a 30 something year old girl who lives in Canada.  I say “girl” because I don’t feel yet that I’m officially a woman.  Despite the fact that I’ve owned 2 houses, and been in countless “serious” relationships (I use the term serious loosely), I still refuse to admit that I am a grown up.  I think a lot of people my age are struggling with this exact same problem.  We’re stuck between our twenties and our forties and we’re not grownups yet.

I always wonder what it will be that will finally make it hit me that I’m an adult.  Will it be getting married, will it be kids.  Will it be just as simple as getting another pet with my partner.  Yes, partner.  I said it.  I have one.  I guess that makes me somewhat grown up.



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