These are 2 of the 3 trouble makers that we have squatting in our house. They are super cuddly and warm on cold nights, but they also eat me out of house and home. Also, the fluffy one has taken a liking to eating earbuds, but only the expensive apple kind. He wont touch the crappy Liquidation World brand. He’s too good for that.

They’ve also discovered a love for q-tips since the bf has moved in. I have a fear of sticking anything that small in my ears so I never kept them around for any reason. The bf however smuggles them into the house and now the cats love to eat the ends off them. And when I say eat, I mean pull the ends off and bat them around the house in the middle of the night smashing into things and breaking things.

It’s quite lovely.  They’re lucky I love them.


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