The Christmas Wreath, AKA My attempt at being crafty.


So I couldn’t find a Christmas wreath that I loved.  And I had searched EVERYWHERE.  I was getting frustrated and when I get frustrated I make rash decisions.

This lead me to decide to *make* a Christmas wreath.  No, I have never done this before.  No, I didn’t think it was a good idea.  But I was feeling rash, and rash people don’t make good decisions.

I had seen these wreaths online:


I thought “well that can’t be that hard to do…”  I was only partly wrong.

All you need for this craft is:

  1. Some pliers
  2. A LOT of Christmas balls – I used 3 sizes and used about 38-40 balls in total.
  3. A coat hanger
  4. A glue gun


  1. Unwind your coat hanger with the pliers and fashion it into a circle.
  2. Take your ornaments and check for any with loose tops.  Glue these on using the glue gun.  Mine were unbreakable ornaments so most of the tops just snapped on.  I was lucky. I couldn’t imagine doing this with glass ornaments.
  3. Feed your biggest and second biggest ornaments onto the coat hanger using their tops. They’ll swing around to and fro so I tried to keep it flat (so it would have a flat back) and glue each ball to the next one to keep them steady.  Otherwise they’ll just all gather together and you’ll never have enough balls.
  4. Once I got to the end I made sure to leave a small space for the hanger to go through, you could use a ribbon or over the door hanger for this.
  5. Use your smaller ornaments to glue on and fill the spaces and hide the wire.
  6. Then I added a pre bought Michael’s bow and we were done.

All in all this wreath took about 45 minutes to make and I think it turned out okay!!

One small problem though.  I didn’t think to measure the space between my doors and my wreath is so “full” that the door wont close now.  So I have to find somewhere else to hang my wreath… Which also means that I have to figure out another kind of wreath for the front door.  I have an idea though… More on that later…


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