So I’ve been MIA lately.  For good reason.  We got a puppy!  Like our house wasn’t busy and loud enough with 3 cats running around.  We’re so dumb. 

My SO had been mentioning puppies for a while now, and the neighborhood we live in is a dog-crazy neighborhood.  We were seriously the only people in our complex without a dog.  So we started looking in the classifieds for puppy ads, we knew we didn’t want to get one from a pet store, and my SO was adament he wanted a specific breed.

So we ended up with Gus…

ImageHe’s a Pug x French Bulldog cross and he’s 8 weeks old.  He’s absolutely adorable and I love him to death already!!


One thought on “Gus

  1. Your life will never the same – for a good reason! My DH and I now have 2 dogs and I can’t imagine life without them. There’s nothing like unconditional love from a little furball. I won’t do the puppy thing again (it’s a lot of work!) but I’m forever a dog person now 😉 good luck!

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