Teak chairs! Woot woot!

So I was at an auction a while ago and I spied these fabulous teak chairs, a set of four.

They came for auction and no one was bidding on them! I started to get panicky. I have this weird thing where I feel bad for nice stuff when no one wants it. So I bid, and someone else jumped in and I bid again and they backed off! Well if I didn’t end up getting the chairs for $16… FOR ALL FOUR.


They are all in great condition and everyone who sees them loves them!


My boyfriend even uses one for his desk chair because they are so comfortable.


Notice the kitty come hither pose? He’s special.

Anyway, does anyone know what a set of these chairs would go for? Probably not $16…


3 thoughts on “Teak chairs! Woot woot!

  1. Beautiful Bargain! I recently bought 4 similar for £55 and that’s much less than they are usually sold for. You definitely should find a table to go with 🙂

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