A Start to the New Room!

So I’ve been steadily collecting things since my last post.

Last week I blogged that I had gotten some lamps and a chair to go in my dream room.  This week has been as follows:

Old window frames for the walls:


New/Used table for the end of the bed as a “bench.”


It’s pretty awesome and has these cool claw feet:


I picked out my paint, its Behr’s Rain Washed…  It’s a pale, blue green.


I’m going tomorrow to pick up some doors for my headboard.  I found the ones in my last blog on Kijiji so I’ve bargained with them a bit and while I’m still paying too much for them, I’ve got to have them to complete the room.

My sister is going to do some artwork for another wall for us, so I’ve given her this as some inspiration:


I think I found some side tables today at the flea market, but I’m trying not to go tooooooo crazy buying stuff.  I might have something usable around the house, or be able to find something at a yard sale tomorrow a little cheaper than the $75 they wanted at the flea market…

More updates tomorrow!


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