The doors are home…

We picked up the doors this afternoon.  It was the most stressful ride home ever.  The back hatch wouldn’t shut on the car we’re driving and the doors wouldn’t fit all the way in.  We tied it closed as best as we could, but I’m the type of person who likes to have all the doors closed on the car I’m riding in.  🙂

We unloaded the doors and I swept them down.  They were being stored in an old barn, so they were pretty dusty and dirty.  So far they look like so:


We are currently debating doing a light white-wash over them, just to clean them up a bit more.

This room is really coming together.


I got the cutest table! How should I paint it though?

Wow.  I just realized I haven’t posted since Christmas.  That’s what starting a new job in the new year will do to you!  I’ve been so busy!

Anyway, quick update and to the point… I got this awesome little table from work, they were going to throw it away!


(This is a stock picture, the table is dark grey and extremely dusty!)

I’m wondering two things.  I plan to use this as a bedside table and my room is beige and my bed is white and my bedding is blue.


What colour should I paint the table?

Also, what do you think the best method of painting would be?  Spray paint or hand painted?  Prime it first?

Suggestions please!