Dream Bedroom Reveal

So we’re very close to being done and I can’t wait anymore.  We’re just waiting on a duvet cover and a chandelier.

My dream room was painted, new headboard, new art, new bedside tables, new corner chair and new picture frames (no pictures yet.)  And when I say “new” I mean old.  Everything in the room was thrifted, yard sale-d, or made by me.

The whole she-bang!


My bedside table:


The whole view:



The boyfriend’s bedside table:


Our pretty corner chair and “new” mirror:


Artwork wall:


I am loving my new room!  It makes me want to re-do all the rooms in my house!



More Done on my Dream Bedroom!

We finished the painting today. As I’ve stated in previous posts our whole house is “builders beige.” *gag*   The master bedroom is now Rain Washed by Behr.


Tomorrow I’m taking apart the current bed and I’m cleaning the doors (new headboard) with some TSP, as recommended by the paint people at a local hardware store.

I got a mirror similar to this porthole mirror yesterday at a garage sale for $3.00:


I plan on painting the frame either a heather grey or a crisp white to match the room.  I have a standing mirror already that is grey, so I’m going to move it into the room and see if it even remotely matches, that will make the decision on what color I’m making my accessories!!

It’s all happening!!

The doors are home…

We picked up the doors this afternoon.  It was the most stressful ride home ever.  The back hatch wouldn’t shut on the car we’re driving and the doors wouldn’t fit all the way in.  We tied it closed as best as we could, but I’m the type of person who likes to have all the doors closed on the car I’m riding in.  🙂

We unloaded the doors and I swept them down.  They were being stored in an old barn, so they were pretty dusty and dirty.  So far they look like so:


We are currently debating doing a light white-wash over them, just to clean them up a bit more.

This room is really coming together.

A Start to the New Room!

So I’ve been steadily collecting things since my last post.

Last week I blogged that I had gotten some lamps and a chair to go in my dream room.  This week has been as follows:

Old window frames for the walls:


New/Used table for the end of the bed as a “bench.”


It’s pretty awesome and has these cool claw feet:


I picked out my paint, its Behr’s Rain Washed…  It’s a pale, blue green.


I’m going tomorrow to pick up some doors for my headboard.  I found the ones in my last blog on Kijiji so I’ve bargained with them a bit and while I’m still paying too much for them, I’ve got to have them to complete the room.

My sister is going to do some artwork for another wall for us, so I’ve given her this as some inspiration:


I think I found some side tables today at the flea market, but I’m trying not to go tooooooo crazy buying stuff.  I might have something usable around the house, or be able to find something at a yard sale tomorrow a little cheaper than the $75 they wanted at the flea market…

More updates tomorrow!

A wee craft

So my mom saw this:


And I told her “You are NOT paying that price for something I can make!” (Sorry bouclair! Eep!)

I printed the text out to fit an 8 x 10 frame and headed to goodwill to find one. I found a bigger one for 5 dollars, brand spanking new AND it came with matting! So I came up with this:


And that’s the craft of the day!