My Dream Room

So I’ve been a little MIA lately.  But I’m going to try to remedy that.   I’ve been so busy starting a new job and learning new things that I’ve been neglecting my house projects.  I’m going to try to start working on them again.

I’m going to start working on my spare room.  I bought this townhouse condo a year ago and everything is “builder’s beige.”  It’s been driving me nuts for an entire year.  I’ve also been trying to replace all my Ikea furniture with real wood pieces.   I have pulled some inspiration from this picture:


(It’s from  I love everything about it.

I’ve already got my feelers out on some antique doors.  I found these ones online and I’m just waiting for the person to respond to my email:


I bought these lamps:


Today we went to the local flea market.   I wandered around and found tons of treasures that I didn’t need.  I fell in love with this elaborate candy dish that I thought I could use as a bedside jewelry holder:


But….  It was $65.  Totally outrageous. But totally gorgeous.

AND then…. there was this:


A beautiful rosewood corner chair!!  The price was $95.  I told the lady I was interested in in and she dropped it to $80.  I told her I’d think about it while I walked around.  She then told me $75.  We walked around and I thought about it and decided that we’d come back tomorrow and if it was still there I’d get it.  We went to walk out and she told me she’d take $65 if I’d take it today.  SOLD.   I was out of there with the chair faster than you could imagine!   I got it home and fixed up the fabric trim that was coming loose.  It’s such an amazing chair.  I can’t wait to have it in my dream spare room!


Teak chairs! Woot woot!

So I was at an auction a while ago and I spied these fabulous teak chairs, a set of four.

They came for auction and no one was bidding on them! I started to get panicky. I have this weird thing where I feel bad for nice stuff when no one wants it. So I bid, and someone else jumped in and I bid again and they backed off! Well if I didn’t end up getting the chairs for $16… FOR ALL FOUR.


They are all in great condition and everyone who sees them loves them!


My boyfriend even uses one for his desk chair because they are so comfortable.


Notice the kitty come hither pose? He’s special.

Anyway, does anyone know what a set of these chairs would go for? Probably not $16…

I got the cutest table! How should I paint it though?

Wow.  I just realized I haven’t posted since Christmas.  That’s what starting a new job in the new year will do to you!  I’ve been so busy!

Anyway, quick update and to the point… I got this awesome little table from work, they were going to throw it away!


(This is a stock picture, the table is dark grey and extremely dusty!)

I’m wondering two things.  I plan to use this as a bedside table and my room is beige and my bed is white and my bedding is blue.


What colour should I paint the table?

Also, what do you think the best method of painting would be?  Spray paint or hand painted?  Prime it first?

Suggestions please!