Dream Bedroom Reveal

So we’re very close to being done and I can’t wait anymore.  We’re just waiting on a duvet cover and a chandelier.

My dream room was painted, new headboard, new art, new bedside tables, new corner chair and new picture frames (no pictures yet.)  And when I say “new” I mean old.  Everything in the room was thrifted, yard sale-d, or made by me.

The whole she-bang!


My bedside table:


The whole view:



The boyfriend’s bedside table:


Our pretty corner chair and “new” mirror:


Artwork wall:


I am loving my new room!  It makes me want to re-do all the rooms in my house!



Spring Mantel!

So, a while back I got a mantel off Kijiji.  (For any American’s, Kijiji is your answer to Craigslist.)  The Mantel was $20 and fits perfectly in my kitchen.  I resolved when I bought it that I was going to decorate it with each season.    This was my Winter Mantel:  Image

I loved how festive it made the kitchen.  But I had some trouble with the “Spring” mantel.  What was springy? Flowers? Rain? Easter Bunnies?  All totally fine, but not my style.

I made a trip to my local homesense hellbent on getting some mercury glass candle holders and ended up coming up with this:


I figured, it has a bird so it *must* be springy!


I got the cutest table! How should I paint it though?

Wow.  I just realized I haven’t posted since Christmas.  That’s what starting a new job in the new year will do to you!  I’ve been so busy!

Anyway, quick update and to the point… I got this awesome little table from work, they were going to throw it away!


(This is a stock picture, the table is dark grey and extremely dusty!)

I’m wondering two things.  I plan to use this as a bedside table and my room is beige and my bed is white and my bedding is blue.


What colour should I paint the table?

Also, what do you think the best method of painting would be?  Spray paint or hand painted?  Prime it first?

Suggestions please!