More Done on my Dream Bedroom!

We finished the painting today. As I’ve stated in previous posts our whole house is “builders beige.” *gag*   The master bedroom is now Rain Washed by Behr.


Tomorrow I’m taking apart the current bed and I’m cleaning the doors (new headboard) with some TSP, as recommended by the paint people at a local hardware store.

I got a mirror similar to this porthole mirror yesterday at a garage sale for $3.00:


I plan on painting the frame either a heather grey or a crisp white to match the room.  I have a standing mirror already that is grey, so I’m going to move it into the room and see if it even remotely matches, that will make the decision on what color I’m making my accessories!!

It’s all happening!!


Sally Anne – A Quick Trip

It’s my birthday weekend so we are doing whatever I want!

First stop a trip to the Sally Anne! I got the following for 6 dollars total. I plan on painting them all white for my bedside tables! I’ll post tomorrow once things are put together!


I got the cutest table! How should I paint it though?

Wow.  I just realized I haven’t posted since Christmas.  That’s what starting a new job in the new year will do to you!  I’ve been so busy!

Anyway, quick update and to the point… I got this awesome little table from work, they were going to throw it away!


(This is a stock picture, the table is dark grey and extremely dusty!)

I’m wondering two things.  I plan to use this as a bedside table and my room is beige and my bed is white and my bedding is blue.


What colour should I paint the table?

Also, what do you think the best method of painting would be?  Spray paint or hand painted?  Prime it first?

Suggestions please!