Major Purge!

So I’ve had about enough of the clutter around here.  I’m purging!  Less stuff to clean under, on, and over is better.  Does anyone have any purging tips?

So far I am going by the following rules:

  1. If we haven’t used it in 3 months – its going.
  2. Same for if I haven’t worn in it in 3 months – its going to consignment.
  3. If I don’t like the look of it now (art) I’m probably not going to like it in a few months – Kijiji.
  4. If I haven’t used it in a project yet, it needs to get sold – kijiji.
  5. If the pets aren’t playing with their toys/scratchers they’re getting donated – humane society?

The only thing I’m having a hard time justifying getting rid of is movies and books.  I never could get into those ebooks.  I love having paper books around the house.  I can always remember what was happening in my life and how I felt when I was reading a certain book.  I can’t give away my memories!!